JavaZone 2015 is here. Check it out.

JavaZone 2014 – Game of Codes: The movie you, the people, voted for as this years JavaZone movie based on the teaser video (the teaser is here as well, right below). You picked it, we created it. Enjoy!

JavaZone 2014 Teasers, 1st place: Game of Codes with a total of 31 202 votes.

JavaZone 2014 Teasers, 2nd place: Writing Bad, with a total of 30 811 votes.

JavaZone 2014 Teasers, 3rd place: House of Codes, with a total of 25 361 votes.

JavaZone 2013: Write once, run everywhere? More like write once, ruin everything...

JavaZone 2012: Paper money is obsolete, so what would one nick from a bank these days?

JavaZone 2011: Be afraid! The JavaZone X trailer is in your computer! Do you dare to watch?

JavaZone 2010 Java 4-ever! A heartwarming story about forbidden love ... and OLE objects.

JavaZone 2010: The teaser music video featuring Jenny Skavlan as a floppy-rocking geek.

We also have videos of all the JavaZone talks…