JavaZone 2015 is here. Check it out.

Competitions during JavaZone
It's all about the partners in the expo area

Our partners have a a lot of great competitions at their stands. Please check out all the partner stands during the event to see what they are up to, and maybe win a prize or two as well!

Who What
Jpro Weekend at the company cabin at Hafjell
Nets Beer Brewery equipment (30L)
Greenbird Donates 50,- per picture of participants with a green nose/beard towards cancer research
DIPS Bose headphones
IBM GoPro Hero+ Black Edition
Steria A trip in the Steria Hot Air baloon and a signed chessboard
InMeta Sonos5 speaker and Sonos Bridge
Visma Advanced Lego and Portable Mobile Charger
ProgramUtvikling Golden ticket (free cource/conference ticket) and more
Accenture Nvidia Shield with two controllers
Ciber Hubsan QuadCopter X4 m/ HD Camera and a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition
Webstep Pebbple wrist Watch
Miles Check for 10 000 towards a trip to Italy
Kantega NineBot
Accando A pair of sneekers/shoes
Alran Synth kit and a deluxe kit fra LittleBit
Itera Course/Training from Glasspaper
Iterate Instant gifts like books, "the note board" and such Two Retro Game Boy each day, bought at
Bouvet Two Moto 360 Smartwatches
Arktekk Secret prize, visit the stand to see more
Other partners might have competitons as well, visit their stands to see…

The javaBin competition:
Visit the most partners, win a Pebble + cool swag

At your lanyard, you'll find a card with all our partner's logos. Visit as many partners as possible during the conference, get them to each make a hole in your card (just like the old computer punchcards), and deliver the card to the javaBin stand at the end of the conference. Remember to vote for the best stand at the card as well.

The four winners of the 2014 javaBin competition got a Pebble smart watch and a cool Game of Codes t-shirt. The winners was: Eirik Luka, Espen Grønli, Knut Erik Borgen & Torgeir Ous.

The punch cards, the punchers, the fun!

Game of Codes + code reading + compiling
That's a JavaZone ticket to you

The competition we held before JavaZone was announced in a typical geeky fashion: not at all. You really had your work cut out for you if you wanted to participate. In our main JavaZone Movie this year, Game of Codes – a song of bytes and wire, we included a "scroll" with some cryptic code on it. To confuse you, we made the actors say it was Java code. The most clever of you of cource understood that this was blasphemy, it really was pure Clojure code!

The clojure code you had to compile to win

At the end of the day, some of you compiled it, sent an email to as the running code told you to do, and presto: three of the clever human compilers won a full JavaZone 2014 ticket!

Congrats to the winners: Anders Furseth, Albrecht Schmidt & Alexander Sagen.