JavaZone 2015 is here. Check it out.

2.500 developers. 90 presentations.
60 lightning talks. 12 workshops.

Each year a group of volunteers called javaBin comes together to create a different conference, something uniquely norwegian. This year is no different, JavaZone 2014 is on its way!

We invite more than 150 speakers to enlighten us for three full days. The first day is dedicated to workshops; the next two have presentations and lightning talks, as well as workshops.

So you want to attend JavaZone?
Fantastic! Let's get you a ticket

Since we belive in simplicity, our tickets are also quite simple: the JavaZone ticket gives you full access to the whole conference, including the workshops (registration on a first come, first served basis). If you are a member of javaBin, you will also get a discount on your ticket.

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Are you a student? You can join JavaZone Academy for free, and get a taste for what JavaZone is all about. Register today!

What, when, how, why? You know, all the practicalities…

Where's the conference venue?

The venue is a 2 minutes walk from the main train station & bus station. In the middle of Oslo!

Feeling lost? Use the Travel planner,
"Oslo Spektrum" as the destination.

"Uten mat og drikke, duger helten ikke"

That's norwegian for "where can I get some food?". The nice thing about JavaZone is that we probably have the best food of any conference, ever!

The Flying Culinary Circus are preparing food all day long.
No queues, no price, all inclusive.

Hotels and accommodation

There are plenty of hotels in the area around the conference center, as we are literally in the heart of Oslo.

Just search for hotels near
"Oslo Central Station".

Got WiFi?

Yes, we most certainly do!

We'll also have some areas where you can sit down and charge your laptop.

Got apps?

Yes, we do!

Android and iOS users can download our apps in their app stores, other phones will have to use our web pages.

Is the conference 2 or 3 days?

The first day of the conference is dedicated to workshops. Attendance is included in the ticket, but seating is limited:
first come, first served!

The regular talks start on September 10th.

I don't speak norwegian…

Don't worry, about 50% of the talks will be held in english, so you should be able to get plenty of learning out of the conference.

The program will be marked with languages for each talk, so you can figure out which talk to attend.

Who creates JavaZone?

JavaZone is created by a group of volunteers called javaBin. We create the conference in our spare time. You are more than welcome to join us!

We also have 42 great partners.

Rise n' shine, developer! We have a
pretty packed program for you.

JavaZone 2014 is packed with things to do! You don't want to miss out on any of these cool things; so pack your bag, pick up your badge and come join the learning adventure!

September 9th
First batch of workshops begin. Remember to register!
Second batch of workshops begin. Remember to register!
Pre-register and pick up your badge to skip the line the next day.
September 10th
The doors to Oslo Spektrum open. Switch your ticket for a cool badge!
Morning show. You don't want to miss out on this!
The presentations, lightning talks and workshops start.
The food serving starts. Bring out the (pitch)forks!
The presentations end for today, and we close the doors.
AweZone at Rockefeller officially starts! Come rock out!
September 11th
The doors to Oslo Spektrum open.
The second day of presentations and lightning talks start.
2-hour workshops are held during the day. Remember to register!
The food serving starts. We guess you are hungry!
Something cool happens! What? Wait and see :)
The last presentations end, and JavaZone 2014 is officially over for now.

90 presentations, 60 lightning talks, 12 workshops.
What will our 150 speakers be talking about?

JavaZone has a few different concepts on the presentations. This means you have something nice to attend both when you just need a little teaser, and when you need the full package. Lightning talks, presentations and workshops – together in harmony!

The full program for JavaZone 2014 is availiable at our program site. We have 7 rooms for the talks, with Room 1-6 being reserved for full-length talks and Room 7 reserved for Lightning Talks.

60 min presentations
The talks at JavaZone are 60 minutes each, perfect if you want to get a good grasp on a subject. Not too long, but not too narrow either.
10 min lightning talks
This is where the experimentation happens. These talks are sharp, short and often a bit witty. Perfect if you want to get inspired in a short time.
2-8 hour workshops
Dive deep into a subject, and learn by doing it hands-on. Longer workshops on September 9th, shorter workshops during the conference.

About those workshops…

Workshops are a new concept for us. Last year was the beta-release for pre-conference workshops at JavaZone, and based on the success we go all in this year!

Tuesday September 9th is reserved for workshops.
This day there will be both 4-hour workshops and 8-hour workshops. September 10-11th will also have workshops,
these will be shorter.

We want to give you a great conference, so all workshops are included in the ticket price! Pretty great, eh? The only thing you need to do is register. Registration can be done at
the workshop program pages.

6 bands, 2 stages, 3 chillout lounges, 2.000 party people.
AweZone is on, and boy will it be AweSome!

Every conference should include an amazing after party. We have one, and we call it AweZone. Join us after the first full conference day to listen to awesome music and mingle with your peers.

We have booked Rockefeller Music Hall, and the evening will feature 6 great bands and a lot of opportunities to mingle with your peers.

Skambankt, Ultra Sheriff, Freak Kitchen and Comet Kid will be there, as well as the great partner bands Bekk Band and The Vela Incident.

See you there!

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JavaZone is made with the support of our awesome partners