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Call for Speakers for JavaZone 2014

JavaZone takes place in Oslo, Norway, on September 9th-11th 2014. The conference offers a combination of technical talks and workshops in an informal atmosphere with an expected attendance of more than 2000 highly skilled developers.

JavaZone 2014 will be the 13th consecutive JavaZone conference, and will consist of two full days of conference and workshops, and one extra day for workshops. Last year's event was a great success, with software professionals and partners enjoying more than 100 sessions covering multiple topics, and an impressive lineup of both Norwegian and internationally known speakers.

Evangelists in the community rate JavaZone as one of the most important Java events in Europe. But don't trust what others are saying, see for yourself – videos from previous years are available at Vimeo and the full program from 2013 can be seen at last year's webpage.

To keep up the great quality and recreate the success, we need your help! If you have something interesting to say, please submit your talk or workshop by the 28th of April 2014!

Some things to decide before writing your proposal

#1: The format and duration of your talk

You should think about which format your talk will work best in. Are you presenting a new idea or pitching a small topic, or do you need more time to elaborate on your idea? How hands-on do you want to be? We have three formats you can present your material in:

Lightning talks (10 minutes)

Are you presenting a great new idea, or want to give the audience a teaser for a cool topic? Then you should strongly consider the lightning format.

Presentations (60 minutes)

All presentations at JavaZone have a length of 60 minutes. This gives you room to elaborate on an idea in detail, and also spend a little time at the end taking questions. We are considering double slots for special topics, so if you feel you need more than 60 minutes, please contact us.

Workshops (2 hours, half a day, whole day)

We will continue the popular workshop concept, both half-day and whole-day workshops on Tuesday September 9th and shorter 2-hour workshops during the conference. The format for the workshops is in-depth, hands-on and interactive.

#2: The technical level of your talk

The audience at JavaZone consists mostly of software developers and generally talks and workshops should be technical enough that they include code (although that is not a requirement). Talks purely related to practices (agile etc.) are less likely to be accepted.

When you submit your talk, you should indicate whether there will be code in your slides or not. If you are going to perform live coding, please state that as well.

#3: Whether your talk fits with the spirit of JavaZone

JavaZone is proud to be an independent and community-driven conference. It is organized by javaBin, the idealistic and non-profit Norwegian Java User Group. This means that we have three important principles for selecting talks:

  • We do not sell speaker slots. No exceptions made.
  • We do not accept sales pitches masked as presentations!
  • We do not differentiate between speakers from partners and independent speakers.

If your talk adheres to these very important principles, we more than welcome you to submit it! We can't wait to see what interesting ideas all you great people come up with for this year's conference.

Important dates and deadlines

There are a few important dates you should mark in your calendar if you plan to submit a talk or attend JavaZone. Here are the most important ones.

Call for Speakers opens
February 7th, 2014
Call for Speakers closes
April 28th, 2014
Accepted speakers notified
June 28th, 2014
Your talk in the schedule
When you have confirmed
Speakers Dinner
September 9th, 2014
JavaZone 2014
September 9th-11th, 2014

Benefits and perks for the speakers

Speakers of accepted presentations & workshops

You will get free admission to the conference. You will also be invited to our speakers dinner, which is held on September 9th. You will also have first priority on the limited number of slots for JourneyZone, our annual speaker adventure.

Speakers of accepted lightning talks

You will be invited to the annual speakers dinner, but have to provide for your own admission to JavaZone.

Please see our monetary policy if you have any questions regarding our policy on paying for other expences.

Contact information for any questions you might have

Please do not hesitate to contact the program committee at should you need any further information.

You can also contact the conference organizers at if you have any questions regarding other things connected to JavaZone.

We hope to see you at JavaZone 2014. Please feel free to spread the word about the conference to your local community!

Best Regards,
The JavaZone Program Committee

Submissions closed

Suggested topics

  • Security:
    Privacy, Application Security, SSO, Auditing, ...
  • Core:
    Memory, APIs, Performance, ...
  • Backend:
    Data, Integration, Server, Cloud, NoSQL, ...
  • Frontend:
    UX, UI, Apps, Mobile, Responsive, ...
  • Concepts:
    Programming Language Theory, Functional, Reactive, Paradigms, Algorithms, ...
  • Craftsmanship:
    Clean Code, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, ...
  • Architecture:
    Architecture in Practice, Designs, Scalability, ...
  • Teamwork:
    Teams and Collaboration, Roles, Outsourcing, Process, Product, Technical Leadership, ...
  • "Can't make it fit":
    If you have a sufficiently outstanding talk that falls outside these areas but fits the idea of the conference, please submit that too.

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