JavaZone 2015 is here. Check it out.
Each year 30 speakers take off after the conference to travel
together on a magical journey into the Norwegian wilderness
Last year the JourneyZone trip went to Lyngen,
a beautiful place far far north in Norway
There, we were welcomed to the wild Norwegian nature by the
friendly people at the MIT Lab, a hideout far far away from civilization
We spent the days doing crazy stuff like ziplining…
…with great food as a reward for the brave zippers!
…and lots of tasty suprises
In the evening, we lit up even more bonfires
while we watched the northern lights…
The video below is a combination of 15 minutes of still photos from the first night,
created by the great speaker (and photographer!) Tim Berglund
Some spent the night hacking away at all
the new stuff they learned at JavaZone…
…or burning holes in stuff with the crazy laser-burner-machine
The next day, we set foot into the mountains
to once again conquer famous Norwegian wilderness…
The great glazier in Lyngsalpene.
It really is that dirty. But you should've seen the top!
We even got to take the cable car up to Storsteinen in Tromsø,
expecting to see the whole beauty of Norway before us…
…only to be met by the most magical sight of cotton skies,
feeling like we were on top of the world.
The weekend after JavaZone 2014, we will repeat this tradition!
We can promise one thing: it will be at least as magical as last year!
Will you be there for JourneyZone 2014?
Be a part of this magical journey!

Journeyzone 2014

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